Having worked and interacted in many professional capacities with Lauren Litton over the past 15 years, I consider her to be one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and confident social change agents regarding women’s issues I have ever known.

MonaLou Callery

Executive Director/Founder, National Advocacy & Training Network/SEEDs

I.S.P. offers a wide range of services and our

experienced team has been hired to:

•  Research, develop, and refine new program initiatives.

•  Create and manage long-term strategic planning.

•  Assess and help strengthen organizations, systems, social services, and government responses to social justice issues.

•  Analyze and influence public policy that may affect industry.

•  Build or strengthen coalitions and collaborations.

•  Develop and implement marketing and branding strategies and materials, including mission statement, brochures, newsletters, websites, and annual reports.

•  Lead innovative change through strong facilitation and concrete planning of focus groups, board meetings, multidisciplinary collaborations, community gatherings, staff retreats and conferences.

•  Conduct state, community or organizational needs assessments.

•  Conduct grant research, locate appropriate funding sources, and develop winning grant proposals.

•  Write fact sheets, reports, training curricula, and other materials to enhance practices and raise awareness.

•  Offer training and technical assistance on topics related to domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, stalking, sexual violence, confidentiality, legal responses and representation, juvenile justice, and building and sustaining community/collaborative responses.

•  Provide board training and assist with board development.

•  Evaluate new programs and service delivery or evaluate current program performance against contractual obligations.

•  Oversee and manage projects.

•  Resolve conflict, strengthen managerial leadership, and create team and consensus building.

I.S.P believes that merging ideas and expertise leads to solutions and success.

Services are customized to meet the unique needs of each client. For more information about our services, please contact us.

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